25 Days of Giving

To celebrate the spirit of the season my family is participating in 25 days of giving. During the days leading up to Christmas, we are going to honor the birth of Jesus with giving of ourselves. Some of our tasks will involve monetary giving but many of them simply require us to give of the talents that we possess. Originally I was going to create a calendar but I decided that I don't want to get discouraged if I don't do a "task". So instead I am creating a list and checking it twice (I couldn't resist) of things that my family can do. Feel free to offer suggestions as the list is not quite at 25.

  • secretly do something kind for someone
  • tidy up my classroom at the end of the day
  • pray for people who are suffering
  • write a note of appreciation to the mail carrier
  • collect hat/scarves for the homeless
  • call a family member that I rarely talk to
  • take cookies to the senior citizens center
  • leave a nice note for a neighbor
  • write a Christmas card to the President and First Family
  • donate foods to the church pantry
  • volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • donate some of Nico's things to the House of Ruth
  • make a donation to Toys for Tots
  • take goodies to service workers on Christmas day
  • watch a someone's children so they can go out to dinner or shopping
  • thank a soldier- send a note/care package to a soldier (anysoldier.com)
  • clear the snow off a neighbor's car
  • give hot chocolate to a Salvation Bell Ringer
  • pick up neighborhood trash

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