What A Morning!!

Ok, whoever decided that high school should start at 7:25 did not consider the students who are tired as hell and completely dead to the world at that time or the teachers who would have to move mountains to get there. Ugh, I try so hard and it is still a feat for me to make it to work on time. And for the folks that don't have this problem, wait a second while I get your gold star.
So let me explain to you the comedy of errors that was my morning and when I say morning keep in mind all of this happened before 7 am. Unflippinbelievable! Without too much elaboration D dressed N while I was getting dressed, I hear N going poo after he is all dressed and ready to head out the door, I have to stop to change N (which includes removing sweat pants, unbuttoning his onesie and his shirt, changing the diaper, rebuttoning onesie, rebuttoning shirt, pulling up pants) all the while N is squirming away from me. Good times! So I finally get N, his bag, my work bag, lunch bag and RuPaul in the car and as I begin my drive my orange juice spills all over. I mean I was able to move my leg away quick enough to miss my dress and tights, but it went all over the console and the floor. UGH!! I need orange juice to start my day like coffee drinkers need their caffeine. Not a pretty start. And what was the ultimate was as I was driving I looked over and saw the Tropicana truck with the glistening orange and a straw. A tear, a tear!!!


  1. I'm sorry you've had a crappy start to the day :( I hope it gets better!

  2. No gold star here... it's all I can do to drag my butt in there by 7:10. I had no idea that all those things had happened to you this morning! You seemed perky and ready to take on the day (I guess now I understand why, you had ALREADY taken on the day) :-p