countdown to Christmas...

A few things to get before the big day. I am not really worried, I will get it done. I forgot about a few folks and one item I got was broken when I took it out of the bag. Oh well. No biggie it will get done. I want to do some holiday baking so I need to make a plan for that...cookies or cake or both! I have a few gifts to wrap but I want to wrap when I have the baking smells going so that is not going to happen tonight.
It doesn't feel like Christmas is right around the corner but it will be here before you know it. I hope N likes his gifts b/c he is the only one with a bunch of stuff under the tree.
What is left on your to do list before the holiday?

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  1. :) I already baked some awesome sugar cookies (let me know if you want the recipe)... only thing left for me to do is buy alcohol for Christmas and buy some food for our feast! I'm SO glad we're staying home this year... so much more relaxed!