Ten for Tuesday or heck Wednesday

1. Alicia Keys...love her...her new cd is out today!
2. More checks off of the to-do list. Yay, for getting things done.
3. N- is sleeping so well. I am getting rest and I love it!
4. Cool students, yes...they are few and far between but I do have some really cool ones.
5. Finding my debit card...priceless.
6. Going to Houston's for the last time in the DC area. Sad to see my spot go.
7. Phone calls from friends in far away places. Like the one on Sunday, saying I crossed her mind and she had to say hello.
8. The maturity to be confident of my choices and do things that suit me and mine.
9. finding long lost money...I haven't found any but my palm is itchin'. That has to mean something!
10. Hershey's syrup...nothing beats it on a mound of ice cream.

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