Ten for Tuesday

1. A great Christmas...hanging out w/ the fam, eating delicious bbq and getting gifts!
2. Celebrating my birthday with my honey at a cool restaurant in DC, Masa 14 ...the food was great, the place was lively and it was a great pick!
3. getting my car out of the shop- who knew a starter could be so damn expensive!
4. watching silly tween shows with my niece
5. my cute new clutch- can you take a clutch with you everywhere?
6. Hershey syrup
7. 22 degrees- what kind of insanity is this? i had a fleeting thought this am that we were half way through with winter and then i realized that that is not true. winter just started. i think i shed a tear.
8. playing with Nico's Christmas gifts
9.having dvr, it is really coming in handy these days
10. gift cards and fsa bucks to spend.

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