Friday Flashback....Frogger

Remember when you had to go to an arcade with a pocket full of quarters to play a video game. Oh, those were the days. Well I was not a huge video game buff & I am still not that in to video games but there were a few games that struck my fancy. My absolute favorite was Centipede. I was a beast in centipede! I could roll that white ball and shoot the assorted flying objects like nobody's business. But the game that crossed my mind while navigating my way through the parking lot this morning was Frogger. Remember the game where the frog is trying to get across lanes of traffic without being run over. Well that was me and the students were the frogs...jumping out of places and darting across lanes. Playing it as a video game especially in an arcade is much better than experiencing the madness in the 7 o'clock hour!!!

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  1. You must've been rollin' in sometime around 7:15... I've been there before!