Ten for Tuesday

1. Nico is not sick anymore. Hip, hip horray. I felt so helpless when he was under the weather. A fever of 102 + is the type of thing that makes a Momma a nervous wreck!
2. Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies....yummy. My co-worker bought me a box last week and it was such a nice surprise.
3. I joined the gym last Friday. Now I just have to go ;P the price was right so I just need to get myself motivated to go. It will be great to escape all of the responsibilities for an hour and just listen to the things that are floating around in my head.
4. Pandora. I will be listening to Alicia Keys radio this afternoon as I grade the mountain of papers that are calling my name.
5. Ryann, she is such a cool kid. I am thrilled to be her Auntie. Nico is already so in love with her that it can only get better.
6. November. Such a big month in our household. We have all kinds of birthdays to get ready for: My Momma, D, Jamie, Nico. Thanksgiving too. Such a festive time. You can't hardly be down when you have so much to celebrate.
7. Leftovers in the freezer. It is great to have a plan for dinner without having to plan or cook :)
8. Cool ideas for a homemade holiday season. Now if only I can get my crew to buy into the idea. I would hate to get some what the heck comments.
9. Crazy mornings. When will I have a smooth, I haven't forgotten anything and life is good morning? Even when I think I am doing well, I realize that something I need is at home. My brain is really mush.
10. Interesting blogs. I am finding more blogs in the blog world that are appealing to me and I like it.

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