do over

Tomorrow Nico tries this daycare thing again. I am sure that it will be ok but it is still scary. The center seems very cool. I stopped by this afternoon and they were in full swing and the babies were being well taken care of so I am feeling rather ok. I had a million things to do tonight to get ready for him going... I am paranoid that he wouldn't have what he needs. I know he will have all he needs and more but you never know. I had a list and then a mental list too. Craziness! At any rate, I am accepting all prayers that tomorrow goes well for N and his Momma :) I so wish that I could be with him and not go through this mess. Just think I could stay home with him and not have to pump. Wow that would be the life. A tough as hell existence but it would be cool.

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  1. Tell us how it went! What's your gut instinct telling you after Day 1? I hope it was everything you expected :)