Ten for Tuesday...a celebration of my men

Ok, we have been stuck in the house together since Friday. We have survived, so a celebration of D and N is definitely in order.

1. D shoveled my car out. Yes, I know that he is my hubby and that is the kind of male awesomeness they do but I am SO grateful. I hate cold and I am not a fan of manual labor so this speaks to my core.
2. D keeping track of the school closings. He took it upon himself to watch for my schools closings and his predictions have been rather spot on.
3. N sleeping pretty well. It makes for a much happier mom.
4. While we are on the subject of sleep. D lets me sleep in on the weekends while he hangs out with N, well he gave me Monday too as a bonus.
5. I had a personal driver. Yes, I am a wimp in inclement weather so D drove me around on Monday to pick up some last minute things. D is not one of those let me hold the bags or your purse while you shop dudes, so us doing shopping together is rather rare.
6. No leftovers left. D took care of the meals that I cooked which means I haven't cooked a meal on Sunday or Monday. Sweet.
7. All of the extra love/sweetness from my guys. It has been great having more cuddle time with these cuties!!
8. Free time. Somehow we have managed to have some moments of our own even though we have been cooped up together. Thank goodness, he likes to watch all kinds of things I don't. Heck even shows we both like we watch in our own way. I love that he doesn't have to be up under me every.single second.
9. D's sweet tooth. No, I haven't had much from the assortment he brought home from his grocery store run but having the option is wonderful.
10. Those handsome faces. I love them!


  1. Your weekend sounds like mine :) Isn't it great?

  2. This extra-long weekend was really the best Christmas present, wasn't it? I'm glad you enjoyed :)