what a week!

between being a Momma, a wife and a working woman....I am beat!

Some real deal highlights would be all of the extra kisses from my snuggle bunny, son. The support of a great network of friends...I feel rather loved. Thank you, thank you! Baking yummy banana bread with the world's most ripe bananas. Spending some time with the windows open, letting winter out and welcoming in a new season. 81 degree days. Feels like Miami :) Crossing a few potential preschools off of the potential preschool list. Making use of my planner...cool, cool planner for next year here I come. Working really well with my hubby & allowing him to be my partner and my rock.  Removing some clutter. Feel freer already!! Chatting it up with my little cousin before she heads off to Haiti to do some dental work. She is amazing. Embracing a new hearty, smile with the same old joy.

Yes, this week has had some rough patches but the good outweighs the bad. Isn't that always what we are going for?!


  1. What an eventful week! Hang in there : )

  2. Looks like all is well that ends well...and it always goes better with the support of family and friends