10 for Tuesday: Purse Peak

A peak inside my purse reveals the usual suspects.

1. Bunny fruit snacks, my son loves them and shhh, I do too.
2. A hair clip. These things are really everywhere, my chair, my desk- you name it.
3. A pretty pen. True story: I was trying to endorse a check and I could not find one "routine color" but pink, green and turquoise I have an abundance.
4. The Body Shop lip gloss. I love these. They are shiny without being sticky.
5. Accessories. Earrings (check), bracelets (check)
6. Hand sanitizer.
7. Epi-pens. Allergic reactions don't scare me :)
8. A party invitation. Really? Why does this kid have such a hot social life?!
9. My planner. I have two and I am using them!
10. Stamps. I love writing just because notes and sending them to my friends and family. Having stamps handy makes that so much easier.

So what cool things are lurking in your purse?


  1. your purse is cool... i have a potty seat in mine :) LOL!!!

    1. Your purse post is super cute! The comment about the potty seat for Kris is hilarious too! ;-)