Ten for Tuesday: Confessions

They say confessing is good for the soul. To channel Usher, these are my confessions....

1. I routinely eat desert after my little one has gone to bed.
2. And in that same arena, we go through an obnoxious amount of Hershey's syrup. Obnoxious.
3. I am green in so many ways but I leave my television on every night. It is the main reason I don't want an updated tv in our bedroom. A new tv would mean my hubby would put his foot down about this practice.
4. I don't like all of my students. There are 2 who really get on my nevers. It is definitely justified but it still is not my best self.
5. I judge you if you don't educate yourself or you don't know current and relevant information.
6. I sew so much more in my mind then I do in real life.
7. The fact that we can now get on Pinterest at work is like hitting the lottery. I know that others won't be able to relate.
8. I am too connected to stuff. I have to fight my tendency to sentimentalize every thing all the time.
9. At this moment I need a perm, a pedicure and a bunch of other beautification efforts. Gotta get to it pronto.
10. I wish I had a fairy. Really, I keep coming back to the fairy concept. Right now I need a pre-school fairy who will find me the perfect daycare for my little one.

What are your confessions?

1 comment:

  1. i leave my tv on too when my hubby is traveling but when he is home i use the stupid sleep function. I love when i wake up in the middle of the night and i get to see the awesome informercials. it's the best!