Sunday Pinning

Surprise, surprise I am not talking about Pinterest either. I spent today hanging out with my son. A lot of Lego building, food prep and pretend play almost had this lady exhausted. I will admit I used an episode of Go Diego Go to recharge. Once I put the little prince to bed I decided to tackle some of the dreaded aspects of sewing. I did some cutting for a future quilt and I pinned a nice quilt sandwich. I have had this quilt top sewn for a long while and I finally got it all pinned up. I hope that this week I will get it all quilted because it is for wonderful friend of mine.

What awesome things have you managed to do this weekend?


  1. I did get a quilt top finished for my niece. I hope to get around to quilting it soon.
    It is amazing how much energy kids have but spending a day playing is so much fun.

  2. What pretty colors..your friend will love it, glad you made time to get some quilting in and didn't miss a beat being Momma...gotta love it

  3. ooo I love the color combination of this! Beautiful!

  4. Your quilt top looks absolutely beautiful, great job!