Ten for Tuesday: My life, post child

So my life pre-child is certainly different then my life post-child. I easily have a bunch but I will try to keep this post to ten :)

1. Today we were painting and when we finished my son requested to put his work on a drying rack. No problem, my wine rack hasn't held wine in years. There are now 2 paintings drying on my wine rack.
2. Afternoon naps after work, yeah not happening.
3. I am late for work because I overslept. Now I am late for work and I have been up for hours making lunch, trying to get myself ready and TRYING to persuade a 3 yr old to do any and everything!
4. My purse. I used to carry a cute little small one and now I have a piece of luggage complete with enough food to feed a small army.
5. I haven't slept through the night in years. There is no truth to sleeping like a baby. Babies don't sleep. Toddlers don't sleep. And preschoolers, yeah they don't sleep either.
6.I bought things for myself. Myself looks pretty overlooked. (just kidding, mostly!)
7. There is a whole world of television shows and music that I had no clue about. FYI, it doesn't include Ice Cube, Jill Scott or Alan Thicke.
8. Play dates and parties. Why is it that we don't whoop it up nearly as much as adults?
9. Slow walks. I get to just move slowly so much more now. I do like that- when I am not running late.
10. Impromptu flowers (picked for me by my little one), kisses (the great abundant kind) and laughter (new and amazing laughter).

I wouldn't change this life for the world. How has someone special in your life changed you?


  1. Hey! Just saying hi... it's been a while since I've stopped by. Glad to see you're still keeping up with your blog! I've missed it myself so I'm gonna try to get back to it. If only we could blog at work!!!

  2. Sometimes it is impossible to remember what life was like before someone new enters it, there are always many changes and adjustments but when it comes to your children their kisses and hugs make it all seem worthwhile. Nap, what's that?