Trayvon Martin

this case.
breaks my heart.
so utterly senseless.
so young.
i weep for the loss.
a mother's pain.
all of the things he will
not be.
all of the boys, young men
or men
who met his same fate.
the calendar changes and
yet so many things
are the same.
i weep because someday
i will have to have the talk
with my son.
answer them.
keep your hands visible.
be agreeable.
no mother should have
to raise her son with that fear.
no boy should have to grow
to manhood

Today my son and I wore hoodies. Yes, they are a normal part of our lives. We live in a place that usually sees about 6 months when wearing a hoodie is very routine. And yet since Trayvon Martin was gunned down for wearing a hoodie and carrying a bag of skittles and an iced tea, hoodies have become a statement. Wear a hoodie in support of an international cry for justice. We took part in an event hosted by a local photographer where she is graciously taking pictures of people wearing a hoodie. I will post a picture when she shares them.  In the meantime I am praying for his family and hoping that some meaningful change will happen as a result of this tragedy.