Ten for Tuesday. Celebrating D!

Ok, D and I are very lucky that our little one is hanging out with the grandparents. N being away should be a time to get super connected and nurture our relationship in ways that we can't when we have to wake up at the crack of dawn! So now that the school yr is finally coming to a close, I am starting operation celebrate D. Today's post is a list of ways that I can nurture our relationship. Feel free to add any suggestions and while it may not get your hubby's goat, all of these things are things that I know D would appreciate.

1. Clean/declutter our bedroom. Gotta set the scene for romance :)
2. Wake up before him and make him breakfast... a real sacrifice when I don't have to wake up at all.
3. Movie night. Get the movie he mentioned today and pop some stovetop popcorn, use our cute popcorn containers and throw the pillows on the floor.
4. Exercise together. Lay out his clothes and make some yogurt parfaits to eat when we get home.
5. Dinner on the deck.
6. Spa night. Create an at home spa experience after he has had a long, hard day of work.
7. Back in the day. 80's sitcoms and Milk and cookies.
8. Explore X day. Find a nearby community that we have not gone to and see their Main Street.
9. Cooking together. Find a menu and cook it from start to finish together.
10. Computer free day. Spend the day enjoying him and not spend a second on the internet.

How do you celebrate your mate and your relationship?


  1. Ooh wow! So many good ideas that B would like, too. Have fun enjoying your guy! I'm just missing mine... :(

  2. These are all great, creative ideas... he's going to LOVE them. It gets easier as the little ones get older... our oldest has been old enough to babysit for quite a few years now, so we try hard to go on a "date night" every couple of weeks, even if it's just to a movie. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you will come back! http://orangiesattic.blogspot.com/