My Life Rocks!! Ten for Tuesday.

My life is pretty amazing. It really is and I am so grateful. So this week's edition is a celebration of my fabulous life :)

1.I have the best parents. Not even considering all of the awesome things they have done for me while growing up, they are still spoiling me. As in come pick up your grandson, hang out with your daughters and help us get our ducks in a row, fly back with your grandson, plan all kinds of wonderful stuff with him, keep him for 5 weeks and return him home... awesome. Yeah, they rock like that!
2. My house is clean. See #1.
3. I have so many great friends. I am so in demand. Dinner plans, I gotz them :)
4. I have checked so many things off of my to-do list. One thing was on there since Friday and I took care of it in less than 5 mins. Yay! But why didn't I do it sooner.
5. My son is the best, he cuddles and kisses me until my heart can't take it anymore.
6. I am taking a me-day tomorrow. Cue the sewing, the relaxing and the feet up!
7. New clothes. I love getting them. I have some cute tops that my Momma treat me to, go me.
8. Summer is right around the corner. I tell you I love this teaching stuff.
9. NBA playoffs. No game time widow here, I love that game. The highs, the lows, the sprouting grey hairs. Miami Heat all day!!
10. Accessories. I think I am addicted to accessories. Lucky me, my jewelry box is overflowing!

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