Awesome Day!

First things first, I slept in this morning. Past 8 am! Woo-hoo. I actually woke up at 9:08. That is a miracle. I always wake up early,early, early. I convinced D to head to a local yard sale to search for Pyrex and vintage sheets. We found neither. D was convinced that instead of heading to a yard sale we should have a yard sale ourselves, silly guy. I like our stuff and it is not heading out of here ;) After our quick and unproductive trip to the yard sale we went on a nice morning walk. Having D made the walk more bearable and we even walked for longer. (I think exercising with him was on my list of things to do w/ D and I hope we do it again really soon). Anyway, we walked and talked and challenged each other. Great start, right?
My day just kept getting better. My cousin Jamie wanted me to go shopping with her and since there was a Goodwill in the same shopping center we went in and took a look around. Well Jamie and I are not the best thrift store shoppers. I swear it is a gift that some folks have and some folks don't....we notice the closed up, yucky smell. The racks of stuff that seem too daunting to tackle. The whole place is just so much. (There are many stores that we feel this way about, so I am not convinced it is just a thrift store thing but I digress.) This Goodwill was rather neat and organized. We were off to find some Pyrex. Well o well, we found 2 pieces. One was a divided dish that was a little too floral/shiny and the other was a cute fridge one that was too scratched to really get....two duds. But we were there so we pursued the china section and left empty handed. I want to collect Pyrex but am I not cut out for this chase? Time will tell, huh.
We also ate at this awesome Mexican restaurant. Yummy! Guac and chips to die for! Our day continued with a mall run but I was too stuffed to do more than look around. So far my summer is off to a great start!


  1. Ooh what a fun day! You know when I come back I'll take you to a MY favorite thrift store. I've been raised in the ways of "thrift store shopping" so hopefully I can help guide you through the stale stink. Hehe!

  2. Lovely day :) I'd love to go thrifting with you guys. Add me to the list!