Oh the possibilities

Today was graduation. The kids looked great and were all aglow. I couldn't help but thinking about the possibilities. These kids are on the cusp of greatness or tragedy. There really is no way of knowing which way they will go. Made me pretty reflective. It was really a lifetime ago that I stood in there shoes and thought that I would conquer the world, not really I was never a conquer the world kind of gal BUT I do remember thinking about all that was out there. That big open place that was mine for the picking. Has it lived up to the hype? Nope. But could it have ever been as grandiose as I imagined. All I know is that the possibilities are still there. My mind is still hungry for learning. I want more and I expect more. There is still enough of that 17 yr old gal in me to stand and hope and I am so grateful for that....I treasure the possibilities.

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