10 for Tuesday, let's keep it random.

Today's post is going to be super random. I think that my life feels kinda of all over the place- son in Miami, making summer plans, full days of tackling projects, hanging out with my hubby- it is easier to keep it random than to try to make some sense out of it all. Does that make sense? So ten things that are floating through my mind are:

1. Operation celebrate my sweetheart D is going great. So far,
I have done about 2 things on my list and a bunch of other niceties. So that quest continues.
2. This overcast sky, kept the temp pretty ok as I did my am walk. I still managed to sweat profusely but I was not miserable the whole time.

3. I am amazed by how much paper two people can accumulate. How long do you have to save pay check stubs?
4. I am making progress on my strip quilt. I will post pictures soon. I used to think sewing straight lines was easy ;P
5. The Casey Anthony trial. It sickens me that that little girl was taken from the world. I do think the mother is the culprit and I wish she would just confess and serve her time.
6. I am not looking forward to the 4th of July this year. All of our close family is out of town so it will be VERY low-key with just D and I. Blah.
7. Baby Kamryn is 2.6 lbs. She is doing very well. I am so happy for her parents. I can't wait to hold her once she is released from the NICU.
8. Where do you donate all of your used electronics? Ugh, cords galore!
9. Baby fever, I haz it. Saw this lady nursing her little one and it made me quite nostalgic.
10. The BET awards were great. The best in a long time. I have a love/hate relationship with awards shows. I love the performances that are well planned an
d showcase their talents but I hate the performers who think that I want to see their underpants. I love the women who look stunning but I hate when people are trying too hard, think Lady Gaga in the meat dress.

Enough of me. What random thought are running through your head?

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  1. I'm enjoying my trip, but I wish I was at home tackling my own projects, instead! Does that make me homesick?