Summer To Do List

Blow bubbles *Make popsicles *see a movie at the park *go swimming *write on the sidewalk *take a nature walk *go to a concert in the park *MAKE A FORT *go to Sesame Place *play with water balloons *PAINT WITH WATERCOLORS *shaving creme fun in the bathtub *STORYTIME AT THE LIBRARY *swimming lessons *play in the sprinklers *bake cookies *ride bikes *make rainbow jello * dance to the music *make ice-cream sundaes *read books *take lots of pictures * plant something *go to a farm *Eat Maine Lobster
* visit with family *sight-see in DC *go to Build-a-Bear *go to a farmer’s market *fingerpaint *go on a picnic *go to Disneyland *have our family reunion *EAT DINNER OUTSIDE *do some thematic learning units *take a road trip *relax and LAUGH

What is on your summer to do list?

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