now that was awkward

I work with some loons. Plain as that. Yeah, there are some great folks there but the scales are unbalanced and unfortunately the crazy ones prevail. And what is worse these folks are influencing fragile teen minds. Yep, they are touching lives alright. But anyways. Just so you know I am not a Facebook friend collector...I like to keep my "friends" to a minimum. So I often ignore friend requests from people who I don't want in my biz. So put all of the above together and what do you get.....a conversation with a loony coworker at a retirement party where she wonders why we are not Facebook friends. She feels like we are but when coworker X is mentioning some of my Facebook stuff she is lost. That brings her to informing me that we should be Facebook friends and she will friend request me later that night. Ugh, ok. Luckily she hasn't done that because 3rd request or not she won't be on my short list. I like to leave the work crazies at work and not have them/their status updates interrupting my home/sanctuary time.

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