10 things that inspire me

1. Reading What I know for Sure in Oprah's magazine. Reading about things that she finds life changing is truly inspirational.
2. Nicole- my sister/friend who has been through more than any one person should and yet she is always so positive and upbeat.
3. Looking at older people. You know the people who are 70 plus and seem to have lived a million lives. Just amazing.
4. seeing my hubby with n, that is love.
5. Bestie's dreams. If I have to live vicariously through someone it may as well be my Best.
6. turning off the tv- I have some pretty deep thoughts when I am allowed to be at one with them.
7. Mothers. Not those crazy bitties who don't want to act their age or be there for their kids but the REAL women who embrace each chapter of their lives.
8. true love.
9. Nico.
10. Writers. Pen to paper, big thoughts and personal triumph.

1 comment:

  1. The "10 Things that inspire Me" list really inspires me. Love it! Well especially #5. I'm going to keep going. We'll live it together. Love you...more than you know.