Thurgood Performance

How cool is it that my sister had an extra ticket to a sold out performance? We're talking fifth row, could see Laurence Fishburne spit close. We're talking, hello I think he was speaking directly to me, close. Yeah, pretty freaking cool. Yesterday my sister texted me during work to see if I would be available to go with her to see the sold out performance of Thurgood at the Kennedy Center. Of course, I am so available. And I am so glad that my schedule was open and so glad that my sister gets the best seats! We had a ball. I got all dolled up and headed to the city on a Thursday night, rather grown and sexy if I do say so myself. So on to the show.
I was blown away. Just utterly impressed! The Howard University emblem hanging dead-center, high- above the stage was all the welcome I needed. ( 3 0f the 5 of us were/are HU students...so we had our chests puffed out :) And then it started, 2 1/2 hous of young Thurgood, old Thurgood, the women, the challenges, the struggles, the alcohol, the love and the loss. Just floored. I learned all sorts of cool things about him. It was amazing to watch Fishburne change his body and his accents and become all of these different people. Little Larry has grown up. From Boys in the Hood to Thurgood... nothing but love!


  1. Glad you had a great time :) Hope your sis has more leftover tickets more often!

  2. That must have been a kick-ass show! You're so lucky to have such a great sis :)