a day late 10 random things

1. sorry i didn't post yesterday, i hate letting my loyal readers down. i kid. i kid.
2. i was so tired yesterday, my eyes were burning and i couldn't bring myself to post.
3. i have embraced not cooking dinner this week. if you are older than 2 you have to find your own grub. it has been a breeze.
4. i am taking tomorrow off to grade papers. not really a Me day but it should be nice.
5. the school year is almost over. happy dance :)
6. i am looking forward to my sewing date. i need to start posting pictures of my projects. well there haven't really been projects per say but there are things that i can post.
7. what would you do for a Klondike bar? well right now i would love some chocolate. not a klondike bar but something w/hershey's in the title would be spot on.
8. have you hugged someone today? i feel like i have needed a lot of hugs this week. thank gosh i got 'em.
9. i slept like a baby last night. not my baby. but a baby who sleeps through the night. and is so peaceful. i slept like that for most of the night.
10. the countdown to summer is officially on. i am so looking forward to getting my relax on :)

1 comment:

  1. So glad you're taking a day-- even if it's not an official "me" day. Enjoy not having to get all dressed up and get your butt into work. I'll miss you!

    We need to plan to get our relax on together sometime this summer!