Ten for Tuesday- Terrific Things about ME!!

Since M, twisted my arm and all :)

1. I am very thoughtful.
2. I am a good friend. My friends mean the world to me and I work hard at honoring those relationships.
3. I laugh often. Life is too short to get caught up in being miserable.
4. I am a good Momma. Yeah, toot-toot!
5. I love learning new things and pushing myself. Hello, sewing :P
6. Have you tried my lasagna? I am not afraid to say that I can make a few awesome meals.
7. So creative, that is me.
8. I am patient.
9. I can keep a secret...for ever and a day.
10. I am ME. Which is pretty darn sexy, smart and sassy!

your turn--- feel free to comment 10 more great things about me or 10 about you!


  1. 10 More Terrific Things about Me

    1. You know how to take it easy when it's time to take it easy! I've learned that that is such an important quality.
    2. You are a great auntie.
    3. You start your Christmas shopping early, much to the benefit of the recipients.
    4. You dance like nobody's watching. And you know they be watching. (yes the use of ebonics was intentional)
    5. No inhibitions...Bring on the Good Times!!!
    6. You are so sweet, but the music you listen to on the other hand....a funny oxymoron.
    7. You can sweep me under the rug in a reading contest (speed).
    8. You can write...like a greeting card.
    9. You've got great strength but can also be a delicate flower.
    10.You're full of surprises.

  2. 1. You're funny.
    2. You're inspiring.
    3. You are always on a quest to improve yourself.
    4. You are not afraid to tell it like it is.
    5. You run on a different schedule and don't care (I wish I could be more like that!)
    6. You are always doing something nice for someone else.
    7. You take good care of yourself and look fabulous always :)
    8. You give all of yourself to your family and friends.
    9. You know what you want -- you're not insecure or trying to find yourself...
    10. I agree with Z... your taste of music does not match up with your sweet disposition!

  3. Wow...I could add 10 more but you know my words don't flow like yours. Great idea, and all so true. I can add one though, you have terrific friends.

  4. about "ME" really means about "YOU" LOL... for those who know me, it wasn't hard to realize that I was not talking about myself.

  5. @ Z- I am tearing up. So sweet. Yeah, there are a few on there that are SO not you :P
    @ M- aww, would it be awful if I said I love your observations about me :) I am sooo touched.
    @ ms b- I learned from the best!