10 tests

1. Pregnancy- passed that one and it changed my life.
2. Driving- failed it the first time at 18! Who knew you had to look back when you reverse :( The second time was the charm.
3. 9th grade Assessments- yawn, yawn...even the cartoons on these are boring
4. Praxis- there really should be a harder test to become a teacher. Well I guess the real test of teaching is if you survive the first year.
5. SAT- oh, my the hours I spent preparing for that one. Glad that I never have to take it again. They have since added an essay and I can't imagine how that would work for me.
6. the purity test- I have never taken this one and it is blocked at work so I will have to try it later. has anyone taken such a thing?
7. Vision- I may need to schedule one....everything is quite blurry. I don't know if I can blame it on looking at this laptop for too long.
8. Gender prediction tests- 50/50 chance on that one... I did have a boy.
9. Oh, this is getting hard. Let's see.....the every day test of my patience that is D. Well surprisingly he is doing very well and I am loving him :)
10. I am stumped. No 10 for Tuesday. I am such a failure. Please don't hold it against me.

What tests have you taken?
(this topic was brought to you by by sidekick at assessment writing MJ- no relation to the king of pop)


  1. Blood tests ;)

    I see you're hard at work! Hope we can do something next week!

  2. Don't forget the GRE's... which is short for GREAT (ha!)