sew, you think you can ruffle?

or applique? well when we go in we go all in. C and I spent an awesome day sewing, sipping and chatting. just a nice way to hang out with a friend. really a win-win. we munched on some goodies and used up a bunch of limes. yes, you missed a great time. i cant wait to use my newly acquired skills a bit more and i hate to say it but i am not accepting any custom orders at this time ;D

just as an aside. i love reading sewing blogs. well most blogs really. there is one blog that does a weekly feature on things that her readers have made. i decided to link my dress to her blog because she inspires me and i have learned a lot from her tutorials. Andrea at The Train To Crazy is so talented!


  1. OMG!! I love it. Marley will love it too. Especially once she realizes you made it. Your skills are coming alive!

  2. Wow, you and your friend are SO talented! ;) PS: I'm 100% in on the pillowcase dresses for Africa. Maybe we can rope some other people in on the project as well.

  3. Awesome! You ladies are talented to the max ;) Thanks for sharing your projects!