Take it all for a few extra hours!

I need a few more hours. Twenty-four just seems inadequate. I am sure I should be grateful but really 24 just isn't enough. I need more time to do the fundamental things like sleep but also the cool things like sew, go for walks and make tasty treats. Yeah, I need a few more hours. I can't believe it is 9:35 on a Sunday weekend and my weekend is gone and my to-do list has more to-do than what has been done. Oh me, oh my. You never want to start a week in the hole but hey there isn't much I can do about it at this point.
Yes, I am probably being too hard on myself. I have done a bunch of stuff this weekend. I hung out w/my men. Went on a walk, played at the park, went to church and graded more research papers than any person should. Hey, I even sat down and colored- inside and outside the lines. And cleaned crayon off the wall- the Magic Eraser is a must even if how it does what it does is a mystery. I fed my baby well and introduced him to new fruits. I read him stories and made up all sorts of voices to keep him amused. So it was far from a bust. I just would like a few more hours to mindlessly veg out before the reality of a new work week starts. I would trade in some pretty cool things for a mere 60 minutes, so if you have any pull let me know and we can work something out!

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  1. OMG I'm SO with you on that!

    Don't worry... summer is closer!