full weekend, bring on summer!

My weekend was extremely packed and fun-filled. I stayed up late Friday sewing, Saturday was make-up, shopping,lunch, book-club, swimming and playing! You are tired, right? I had a blast hanging out with TMJ and the other ladies at the Book-Club. I promise to finish the book next time :)
Father's Day began with a yummy breakfast prepared by me and my side-kick N. Spicy shrimp and grits with homemade blueberry muffins.....so delish! Then it was relaxing as a family. N got D a Michael Jackson themed gift. It was quite fitting as they watched This Is It together before he even opened his gift. So in N's gift bag for his Daddy was a Pepsi w/ My Pop is King Label, a book, a dvd of videos, interviews etc and a homemade card w/ N's hand as the sequined glove and a note w/songs by MJ to describe their relationship. So D loved it!


  1. Love the gift :) So cute!

    Glad you had a fun-filled weekend. Can't wait for fun-filled WEEKS! Three more days!!!

  2. What a creative gift idea :) I was watching a bit of This is It, but was rather underwhelmed. What a shame that no one will ever get to see his finished product.