because i was too tired yesterday

1. ok this week seems rather endless. No students on Monday and I think that made this week longer. I see a Me day in my future.
2. State of the Union...come on BO!
3. The Fios installation is scheduled for tomorrow. Which one do you think is more embarrassing: the undecorated Christmas tree that needs to be boxed up or the million toys that N took out tonight. The tree almost looks like part of the decor but the toys are a safety hazard and an eyesore.
4. Don't make the Peking Pork. The sauce was yummy but the meat was tough. My first crockpot fail.
5. My stop off at Roots Market was actually therapeutic. I was able to get all kinds of organic produce for the family and some nice additions to Nico's lunch. Go me!
6. Ponytails- even w/ my newly layered hair and all of the hopes of actually styling it every single day it is nice to have the pony option.
7.They are calling for snow on the weekend, I am not looking forward to snow.
8. Gee, am I only on 8.
9. The Pledge is hard. I miss talking to my friends during my commute. I am talking to N more so I guess that is better.
10. Here's to a tomorrow that is better than today. As a recap, had to make a i-turn this am when I realized I forgot my graded papers at home, had to lug N back up and down the stairs, late to work and co-worker is sitting at my desk, spilled water on birthday gifts for my friends and this was all before 8 am. Yeah, tomorrow has to be better :)


  1. Having to take the kids back inside when you forget something is the worst! I hope tomorrow is better!

  2. 1. "Me" days are tough with a little one. Try shooting for a "Me" moment, I think you'll be far more successful.
    2. I caught the holy ghost during the speech, and you know about me and the holy ghost.
    3. I thought Fios was Spanish for something... out of the loop.
    4. Crockpot fail--No. Crockpot teachable moment---yeah.
    5. Nice
    6. I want to see these layers.
    7. This snow weekend might be perfect for a Me Moment. I see feet up and magazines in lap.
    8. 8 is not so bad
    9. This pledge is like an old Ja-Rule song.....MURDA
    10. It will be better--because that i-turn might be a u-turn.

  3. Hoping for better days for you :)