10 for Tuesday

1. how does it feel to sleep for 8 hrs? Can someone enlighten me because right now I think I may have forgotten :)
2. getting rid of things. I am trying to remove some clutter from my life. It is a big job but I am up to the challenge.
3. after school errands...should I pick up N first or after? decisions, decisions
4. one day closer to summer....a girl has gotta dream
5. quite students!
6. getting a chance to gab w/ my best last night with minimal distractions. well it was good on my end but she had to contend with all kinds of requests from her girls...teen cribs, anyone?
7. remembering my wallet. see guys it is the little things. i needed to run errands yesterday but couldn't because my wallet was at home.
8. the lingering holiday spirit. it is easy for this to occur when your Christmas tree is still up ;0
9. Good Times.... I can never tire of watching that show.
10. checking things off of my to- do list makes me very happy. the length of the list astonishes me!

1 comment:

  1. You've inspired me to get some of my "to-do" things checked off as well! Thanks :)