10 for Tuesday-my thoughts on the boob tube

1. Nancy Grace, is obsessed w/the same 2 or 3 cases which means I can stop watching for months and still not miss a thing.
2. Teen Mom- most of those teens are just crying for some parenting themselves.
3.Maury- When it comes to 3yr old LaDasha you are not the father.
4.Jersey Shore. Can't watch it!
5. Law and Order. I never seem to catch it and I used to LOVE it :(
6.Snapped...b/c you just never know :0
7. Super Bowl.Gonna watch it, get a sick stomach and bother Z over it.
8. The Weather Channel. nuff said
9. Ellen. She is awesome.
10. American Idol. Cancel it already. But wait, they are bringing Ellen so maybe just maybe I will watch it a time or two.

1 comment:

  1. You're funny :) I too can't watch Jersey Shore!

    Hope you're feeling better!