Ten for Tuesday

1. Freezing temperatures bite! I am so over winter!!
2. D putting N to bed at 7pm. Bliss.
3. Tomorrow is Academic whatever day so I don't have to teach. I am so happy. I need to get a ton of stuff...grades, mid-term creating so I am in need of some planning time.
4. Great gifts, they keep on coming and I love them.
5. Celebrity gossip...did you know Rhianna is dating a new man?
6. The twinkle of Christmas tree lights that keep my living room aglow. I don't want the season to end.
7. Never-ending laundry.
8. I would love to watch a tv show. The old-fashioned kind with actors and a story line. I think all of the murder-detective-unsolved murder shows that I watch can't be good for me.
9. Warm showers.
10. Junk mail? I thought I had opted out of it and yet it still keeps coming.

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