amazing grace

had a wonderful time at church this am. feeling infinitely blessed and abundantly loved. that really rocks.
the sermon was about being worthy of grace. (Genesis 32:9-12 and 33:1-3). How God quiets our fears, relieves our pain and shows us steadfast love. He seeks us...opens his arms and says Come!

Our journal assignment for this week is: Reflect on all the ways God is pursuing you to show you His love.

So I have to start thinking about that question. If you have your answer then feel free to share it in the comments section.


  1. God is ever-present in my life and every day I see and feel His love. I see His love through T's eyes and the wonder with which he looks at the world. I see his love when he gives me the patience I need to get through the day. I see it in all the gifts he has given me to make me a capable and creative person. I feel it when my heart is so full of joy and happiness that it overflows into what I say and do. He has blessed me with so many things there will never be enough Tuesdays for me to count them. Let us rejoice in the Lord for He is good.

  2. I like this post... thanks for getting me to reflect on His love :)

  3. I think that God is showing me His love in countless ways. The people that He has placed in my life are one of His most grand gestures. The love of my family and friends and even strangers are the ways that He shows me His love. Today is only Wednesday but in this week alone I have felt such strong love and support from people. I thank God for putting these people in my life to show me His grace.