I Pledge

Ok, anyone who knows me knows about my Oprah love. And quite frankly what is not to love. She is a force. I mean someone who asks you to live your best life and to improve you on the daily has all of the makings of being my SHEro! Her latest campaign is probably one of the most meaningful things you can do. I watched yesterday's show about the hazards of distracted driving and I was moved. Parents, children and spouses all shared their gut wrenching grief about the loss that they experienced at the hands of a distracted driver. A 23 yr old guy shared how he killed someone while texting...he has to live with knowing that he murdered someone at 19. Unreal and totally preventable.
These stories reached my core. I am convinced. I will not use my cell phone while driving. I have never been one to text and drive but I am guilty of being rather distracted by my chats. Certainly, these conversations can be better shared at home. Yes, I will miss my daily am chats with K as we are both running late to work but I will be ok. I have decided that while I am in the car I will pay more attention to the surroundings, sing songs w/ N and just be in that moment. I am sure I will be a better driver and shoot right now I am carting around the most precious cargo so I can deal.
Why don't you head on over to Ms. Oprah's and agree to end your distracted driving habits. After all, you won't have me to talk to anymore so there is nothing to loose :0


  1. It does make sense but it's not easy. You would think we have always had cell phones. However, I did sign the pledge and will follow through. Anything so save a life, including my own.

  2. What a great idea -- I mean, it's so simple yet so hard! Like Ms. B said, you'd think we've always had cell phones the way they're glued to our heads! Not only is Nico your most precious cargo, but think about the model you'll be setting for him by following through.

  3. It's a hard pledge, but one that must be done. The main issue is...I talk to YOU way less now. This must be addressed. Sure Oprah can get a president elected and educate poor girls in Africa, but how will your SHEro solve that problem?

  4. Ok, w/ one week down of the pledge it is SO hard. The downfall is all of my chatting w/ my peeps. I don't think Oprah thought this all through, maybe we should write her and then go on her show and win all of her incredible favorite things :)