opps, belated 10 for Tuesday

1. being off on Monday really throws your days off
2. I am digging the pledge...yesterday I rapped my head off on the way home and this morning it was all about singing songs to/with Nico Pico
3. I am having lunch from Einstein's and I don't even have to go out and get it...the only downside is I will be eating it at my department meeting, ugh
4. peace in the home is a good thing
5. jewelry parties- never been to one, may not buy anything but is is great to have some fun time with the ladies
6. can you pay my bills? I want some fun mail. I am tired of getting bills, junk mail and the like in my mailbox!
7. at work in my New Balance....I have heard that it is like walking on air
8. grading papers. I should be but I am not.
9. FB allowing you to find long lost buddies, finding out about good family news and realizing that your cousin is balls deep too!!
10. purging. my donation box is overflowing

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