Ten for Tuesday: No Power

We were out of power from Friday at 10:30pm until just a few minutes ago, Tuesday at 6:00pm. Yes, I will give you a moment to take that in.....it was THAT bad. It was awful. It was hot. I have to blog about it because it has consumed me, so here goes the ten.

1. A now know what a derecho is. I will leave you to google for a more comprehensive definition. But the gist is fast moving very strong and dangerous storm. I may start inserting derecho in my every day vernacular. Just wait.
2. You can spend a lot of money when your power dies. 3 meals or so out each day is not easy on the pocket. I haven't even thought about the groceries that we will need to replace.
3. Cold showers are SO refreshing when it is hot. Day 3 not so refreshing more like ice cold but they can be refreshing.
4. Paper fans are effective and can certainly be considered upper body exercise.
5. A few weeks ago I wanted an organized fridge. You should see how sparkling that baby is right now. Not an ounce of food misplaced, not an ounce of food at all.
6. My iphone is AMAZING. I mean I loved it before but now it is just the bees knees.
7. When my back is against the wall, I will do some things I generally don't like. I don't really like going to the movies but when your house is blazin' hot you do what you have to do. FYI Ted is a silly, brainless movie that helps you escape your life. If you need that reprieve go see Ted.
8. Just because your power comes on for 2 minutes, you do not need to wake up your husband. Run around screaming and closing windows because yeah, they can take it away just as quickly. True story!
9. I really love tv, gadgets and air conditioning WAY more than I considered before- lights I did not miss too much though.
10. I knew I wanted to date my hubby while our son is away, this has really turned that up a notch. Every moment together with no distractions. We survived and I only had one major meltdown. We are still speaking so we made it :0

What have you been up to?


  1. WOW!!! that sounds awful! what a marriage test :) i am glad you guys survived. I would love to see my husband be disconnected like that for a few days, i don't think he would make it 6 hours, LOL!!!!

    I saw Magic Mike and boy that was a good quality movie :) i think there was even a story, but that was not why i went to see it!! HAAHAA!!!

  2. Ouch! Sounds like a harrowing experience, but it sounds like you survived just fine. =)

  3. Number 8 - LMAO. Thanks for the candid visuals.