10 for Tuesday:Fashion

Fashion trends or styles that I want to try.

1.Colored jeans.
2. Peplum tops.
3.Color blocking.
4.Big funky hair.
5. Huge sunglasses.
6. Skinny jeans.
7. Retro dresses.
8. Leather.
9. Stripes.
10. Self-confidence :)

What fashion trends are you looking to embrace?


  1. Always a fan of color blocking. I guess since I'm natural rocking the big hair would be a good one and you gotta love a vintage dress.

  2. 5 (ish) and 10 definitely. I found these adorable heart sunglasses that are -much- bigger than the ones I would typically wear, but I may hold off and ask for them for my birthday. I'm worried that a lot of stuff that's on trend is going to be so transient it's not worth investing time or money in (and I hate neon prints =P ).

  3. self confidence is the best choice :) if you don't have that, then nothing else would look good! lovely blog you have, by the way. found it today :)

    xo, samantha

  4. I had to check what peplum tops are (that's how fashionable I am LOL).... love them!
    I think the self confidence part is what I'm most working on for this year... that will make just about anything look good ;)

  5. Colorblocking! When I wear a bunch of non-matching colors, I tell myself that I embodying the ideals of the "Miami Sound Machine" circa the 1980s. Then I slap on a snap bracelet and get down to business.