Beware, Beware, BEWARE

This post contains a great deal of self-praise and patting myself on the back. You were warned. Still reading? Ok, toot. TOOT,TOOT, TOOT! I am killing the massive to do list. And with not much time left to spare. I head to Miami this week to pick up my sweet little distraction :)  So I am sharing this to show you how much I have crossed off the list. Yes, it is not finished but I am still proud that I have done so much. It is my summer relax time too, you know.

Project Purge and Restore

Living Room Closet
get rid of paint DONE
clean out scrapbook supplies- donate/trash unwanted
create a gift wrapping supply spot
remove tools- buy tool box for all tools
organize boxes that we want to keep

Laundry Room Area
clean behind machines DONE 7/14
discard unwanted items DONE 7/14
clean on top of machines DONE 7/14
hang 3 shelves over dryer DONE 7/14 (ONLY 2 SHELVES NEEDED)
remove iron board rack- hang rack in bedroom NO NEED- IT FITS
organize cleaning supplies DONE 7/14

get containers for dry goods DONE 6/8!
label containers DONE 6/12

organize plates/platters etc DONE 7/14
donate any unwanted supplies DONE 7/14

Kitchen cabinets
organize plates- discard any unwanted plastic plates DONE 6/16
organize glasses- discard any unwanted plastic glassesDONE 6/16
pot cabinet- organize pots, buy pot top holder DONE! 6/13
tupperware cabinet- discard unwanted plastic, cutting boards   want Pyrex glass storage set DONE 6/16
junk drawers- discard unwanted items, return items to correct spot DONE 7/14
under sink cabinet- discard unwanted cleaning agents, duplicate vases, duplicate sponges DONE 6/13!

Water heater closet
organize brooms, mops etc.   want mop holder to hang in space DONE 7/13 STILL NEED MOP HOLDER

N’s bathroom
change shower curtain & rugs DONE (bonus for reusing old stuff)
clean under sink- discard duplicates/ low quantities DONE 7/8
fix broken towel rack in shower
discard play kitchen
organize under sink area DONE 7/8

N’s room
put wagon and four wheeler on patio w/tarp DONE!
put rocking chair in storage area DONE!
bring small table/chair set back to his room create work zone w/all of his supplies
clean under bed
clean out closet
remove small/out of season clothes- discard/ donate as needed DONE 7/7
organize shelves-books on lower shelves, pull books related to theme & keep out DONE 7/7

Our room
Discard old tv DONE!
create a sewing area   want shelves above, a comfy chair,small wastebasket below
purge items from drawers and closet
organize a card box
organize an important papers area
clean night stands

Our bathroom
clean out medicine cabinets DONE 7/7
clean under sink DONE 7/7
purchase new shower curtain & rugs DONE 6/4!


  1. WAY TO GO!

    If you need more stuff to do, I have plenty of stuff over here ;)

  2. YAY!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!! you really got a lot of stuff done! i am sure it feels so good!!!!!

  3. Yay! You've been a busy girl!!! Bet your so excited to get your little man back:)

  4. My goodness you've been busy! That must feel great to have all of that done. Keep it up. =)

  5. impressive...and that is no small list...I am sure it feels really good!!