Project Purge and Restore

My major project this summer is Project Purge and Restore. I made an extensive list of things I want to do to make our house a better functioning place. I am not a naturally clean and tidy person so this is a particular challenge to me. But I am trying to turn over a new leaf and that requires reprogramming my mindset and learning things I must have missed (sorry Momma). So to that end, this summer I have cleaned and organized the pantry, cleaned and purged N's room, cleaned under the sink, cleaned the kitchen (polished stainless steel, under the sink etc), cleaned the fridge (thanks derecho) and on and on. Yeah, I have been busy :) But the little one will be back soon and I have mucho still to do.
Things I am learning in this process is that it is not easy and the changes won't automatically stick.  Also the whole family has to get on board. I plan on making picture labels for my son's room so that he can remember where his stuff belongs. My dh did buy cereal that we already had because he hasn't gotten used to the cereal being in the plastic container :0  So there is certainly a learning curve. I am also feeling more empowered and in control. I know what I have in the house, I even reused a shower curtain that I still had from my days of changing the bathroom with the seasons. It was virtually new! Great find. I have also discovered a whole wealth of resources that are just a few key strokes away. I watched a video on folding fitted sheets for Pete's sake. But seeing these drool worthy spaces are just the motivation I need.
What improvements are you making in your life?

Here's a peek, my jewelry went from this cluttered mess to the nicely organized after. A winner!


  1. Looks fantastic! When we moved into our new apartment, I took the opportunity to re-do some organization things that were less than successful in the past...but I still have a long ways to go. The jewelry organizer looks great!

  2. That's pretty inspiring! You'll have to give me us an update on how everything is turning out. Folding fitted sheets you say? I need that absolutely need that tip! Why is folding a fitted sheet such a mystery? And no matter how determined I am to get it right it never works...bummer

  3. I love the jewelry organizer!! good luck getting everything complete! it is so much work to reorganize but doesn't it feel so much better :) also i love that you admitted that you are not naturally a clean and tidy person. i am not either and in fact my house is a disaster right now :) love confessions :)

  4. So inspired! I'm feeling the same way this summer... I've got a whole pile of things I'm ready to part with. I just have to send them off to Goodwill. I'm trying to keep things that I use, and not only because "I've kept it this long; I might need it one day." I mean, that's the logic of a hoarder! No hoarders in this house!!