Nails Funny

Last night I spent a glorious hour in Tarjay while my men bonded at home. It was divine and pretty empty too. Just great. I was very focused and only strayed from my list a little bit: the fantastic deal on the 2nd carseat and a poppin nail polish. Yeah I love a great clearance find.
Now the polish. It is so bright and cheery which is out of my manicure comfort zone. Shoot doing a manicure is out of my comfort zone. Left hand is a winner and the right hand should be hidden in a glove. So armed with my cool polish I have myself a mani. I did it right after putting my son down for a nap. I couldn't possibly do anything else with a fresh mani....master plan :)Now this polish is bright and pretty. So bright that I thought it was called Caution. Reading fail. The bottom of the bottle said caution blah blah and all I read was caution. I promptly picked it up since it had such a cool fitting name and it was on clearance. It wasn't until I got home and was putting it away that I saw it is actually called Hot Pursuit. I like Caution better!!

I haven't fixed the imperfections yet :0


  1. Love it :) Way to get out of your box!

  2. Adorable color! I love how it's not pure red but has a bit or orange/coral in it.

  3. I love bight colors so I would say definitely a hit, actually 2 hits, some time to shop alone

  4. Also, thanks for commenting about my goals for the 2012-2013 year. =)