Ten for Tuesday: Summer Living!

One of the best perks of being a teacher is well SUMMER! The days are long, footloose and fancy free. Love them!

1. Hanging out in DC people watching. Just me, the hubs and some Starbucks...bliss.

2. BBQ festival. Free tickets, live music, delicious food.

3. Meeting good friends for lunch. Yes kids, that is what teachers do during the summer :)

4. Avoiding housework. Just kidding, mostly.

5. Working out. I think this is my husbands favorite quality time. Me not so much :)

6. Finding some big feet to measure myself against. And yes you should know that there is a Miami Heat/ Lebron James reference.

7. Watching way too much crappy tv. Dr. Phil does not count as quality folks.

8. Fabric shopping. My cousin has a request and I guess I will try to pull it off. Have any of you guys made the book sling as featured onl Penny Carnival?

9. Reading blogs...get to updating people :)

10. Relaxing bubble baths have become a nightly routine. It is amazing how much evening time you have when you are not running baths and doing the nightly routine with a little one. Getting mighty spoiled!


  1. The book slings look way cool, can't wait to see how it goes for you:) Enjoy your summer....I got up this morning for work and it was -5 degrees celsius (so 23 Faahrenheit? very bloomen cold) Anyways....enjoy:)

  2. Oh, #7 is so true for me. I get to watch all of the Netflix and shows my boyfriend wouldn't even -consider- watching with me. =)

  3. A very active tuesday! I bet people watching in DC is very entertaining : )

  4. I am loving what you are doing this summer!! i especially like all the quality time you are getting in with your hubby. keep up the fun and the pics, i want to live vicariously through you :)