Exhale. Ten for Tuesday.

Summer is over. That is where I have been. Enjoying the long, lazy days of summer with my fellas. It was divine. It was perfect. I will soon share pics and details. But for today I want to focus on a simple word, exhale.

I have been back at work for two days and in those two (count 'em) days I have been called rude and numerous variations of my given name. Yeah, 10 years in the same spot and people are still messing up my super easy, phonetically correct name. Yeah. So with that in mind. I am focusing on exhaling.

1. Clean space. I have removed so much from my work environment to allow calm to enter.
2. Open window. Sunlight is great for my soul. I am opening my window until the weather no longer permits.
3. Isolation. Planning to keep to myself a bit more than in years past.
4. Making my space mine. I don't need a trillion "teacher" things. I just need things that help my mojo. So far that means I only have the one required poster up in my room.
5. My teacher binder. Creating it and hoping to use it faithfully.
6.Exercise. My pedometer is strapped on and I am not afraid to use it :)
7. Mid-day text messages to my bestie. I need the outlet.
8. Simply exhaling. Breathing deeply and being at one with myself.
9. An attitude of gratitude. I am going to focus on being a light for others and paying attention to the greatness that surrounds me.

What have I missed? How can I focus on the exhale concept in the coming year? Yes, this is my New Year----my fellow teachers get the season of rebirth that comes with new Crayola!


  1. What a great list you have to start the year! I love that you are simplifying your space and letting there be more air around you instead of stuff. That is one thing I lacked when I taught and when I go back I am going to strive to do that. I am sure #7 includes lots of laughter with your bestie but maybe you need just to laugh a little more. It really does make the body and mind feel better. And great job with the pedometer!!!

  2. Although we're NEVER done... I always remember all of the lovely things I get to return home to every day...a nice home, two adorable kitties, and a boy who would give me the moon if that's what I wanted.

    Also, one teacher has recommended to me to write down all of the crazy (or print out), if via email, to laugh at on a later date.

    I have to go in next week for inservice days, but I don't have students until the 4th. I hope the rest of your week gets better. =)

  3. There isn't enough air and space to separate me from this past week. I hope to have time to walk with you at least once a week ... a little fresh air is good for exhaling ;). Don't forget your friend on the other side of the building!

  4. This was a great Ten for Tuesday (maybe the best one yet)! So positive and refreshing! Have a great school year!