Tuesday's Ten:Retro One

Oh, there was a time when it took little things to please me. Well to be honest it still takes little things to please me but these things are the things that I loved as a little jackpot.

1.  Giant Pixie sticks, anyone?

2. Corduroy, love this one. Love sharing it with my son more.

3. Never could solve this cube! Loved the thrill of trying.
4. Friendship bracelets- making or giving was a win.
5. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard :)


6. Spideysense is the truth!

7. I always wanted to be a teacher. And just for the record giving grades is NOT nearly as fun as I imagined.
8. Chucks....classic but I would still rock 'em.

9. Hello Kitty, too pretty to actually use.

10. Did everyone have cakewalks? I loved them in elementary school. 

What thing from your childhood makes you instantly happy? Those were the days!!


  1. I loved Corduroy when I was little! "A Pocket for Corduroy" was my favorite!!!

  2. Yes, I'll take a pixie stick any day! As a matter of fact whenever my kids bring them home I always sneak a couple out of their goodie bag.

    Don't get me started on kick ball! You couldn't tell me nothin' i thought I was the Kick Ball Queen! In my head I still am but my body lets me know otherwise!

    Loved the cake walks at our school carnivals!
    Things from my childhood that make me happy....pound puppy, jem and the hollograms, he-man, notebooks( i thought i was going to be an author) and the list goes on and on!!!

  3. Who's to say you can't have it now!? I relive my childhood every day with my silly Hello Kitty desk decor... and a coloring book now and then never hurt anyone ;)

  4. I totally forgot about cakewalks! LOVE it! :)