10 for Tuesday: Hits & Misses

Today has been a funny kind of day. Ups and downs abound. Here are some of my recent hits and to be fair some of my misses.
1. HIT: I made a couple of dishes to make this brief week go by much easier.
2. MISS: My son watched too much television to allow his Momma the freedom to make such dishes.
3. HIT: I planned out the perfect page to journal, great topic, supplies ready etc.
4. MISS: I could not muster the energy to give the page what it deserves so I did not journal today.
5. HIT: I am being a great nurse to my ailing hubby.
6.MISS: I did not get nearly as much grading done as I would have liked during the long weekend. Interim grades are due this week too.
7. HIT: Stumbled on an unexpected Heat game on NBA tv....now if only this little boy will stay in bed so I can watch it.
8. MISS: There may or may not be a large pile of clothes staring me in the face. I sort and wash but folding and I are not close friends.
9. MISS: My mind keeps thinking it is Monday which really messes up the Tuesday obligations. And poor Wednesday it doesn't look good for you either.
10. HIT: I have been a very good ear to my friends today.

What are some of your hits and misses?


  1. You're a good ear to your friends every day ;)

    Hope you get some energy this weekend to get to do some of what YOU want to do!

  2. Hit...Did my exercise
    Miss...no sewing, machine still in the case
    Hit..enjoyed talking with my daughters
    Miss...getting my annuals planted.......But all things considered, I still got quite a few things done, and of course there is always tomorrow!!!

  3. Congratulations! you won a great fabric giveaway! Enjoy!