the power of GIRLfriends

I am not a planner. I freely admit that I enjoy just going with the flow. This morning I texted my good friend and invited her to join me for Happy Hour. We haven't sat down sans husbands and kids in a little bit. So tonight I sat and talked and talked and talked for hours with a great friend. We both needed it. And while I was sitting with her rehashing all of the weeks events, aggravations and hi-lights  I couldn't help but enjoy ever single second. Yes there was tasty food-steamed shrimp & oysters were a hit- but the best part of all was the bond of friendship we share. It is easy to be completely open with a true friend. There was no pretense or anything. We left the restaurant long after our waitress had probably given up on turning over our booth. We left with full bellies and free souls. Needed and greatly appreciated.
How has your friendships helped you recently?


  1. After school yesterday I was supposed to just meet up for a quick happy hour with friends, and it turned into a 5-hour affair. It IS so refreshing to just enjoy, isn't it? Looking forward to ours :)

  2. Nothing like connecting with good friends, something I don't do enough of..good for you sounds like you had a good time