Journaling:A reflection

I have been busy journaling for the past month and the verdict is in: I love it! The combination of colors, markers, paint, magazine words etc has really made journaling much more creative so I look forward to doing it a lot more. I have not really had any writer's block for subject matter either. I am using inspiration from all sorts of places.
Music lyrics: " I just want you to know, your whole being is beautiful" by Common inspired a whole post about love and the loves of my life.
Quotes: "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you" by Maya Angelou inspired me to think about my story: I thought of my Southern roots that ground me, my love of my home/home life and how one of my greatest flaws is my inability to seek/accept help.
Fabric: I include swatches of fabric that I really love and try to find what project works for that fabric.

You get the drift. Inspiration is all around me and journaling helps me look for the inspiration and allow inspirational things to compel me to be a better more reflective ME. I love journaling :)

~some snapshots of my journal pages~


  1. Loving your journal pages :) Keep it up!
    I did an art journal back in the day and really loved the feeling of having a blank page in front of me that needed to be filled. I wish I had the time to do it. Maybe when I'm done grad school!

  2. Your journal will be something you'll really enjoy looking back on in years to come. Love how visual it is!!!

  3. Wow.....it feels good and clarifies things when you put your thoughts in writing... What a cool way to journal..