10 for Tuesday:Random

1. I will admit this first.....I am a blog slacker.
2. Is it time for a career change? What skills do I have that are transferrable....English Major/ Sec. Ed Minor, Special Ed Masters & go....help me figure this out.
3. Why a career change you wonder, grading essays. Seriously it is a never ending thing. I am sick of commenting on essays.
4. I won another fabric giveaway. YAY...lucky me. Out of over 1,100 entries, I was picked. It was destined for me :)
5. My days have felt very long lately, I can't wait to get outside to walk with my buddy this week.
6. I have been busy sewing, will have to post pictures soon.
7. I miss Oprah. Not the Life Class Oprah but the Oprah of 4pm on weekdays. "You get a car, you get a car, you get a car!"
8. My 3 year old is turning into such an opinionated little one. Mommy is praying for patience every.single.day.
9. Politics intrigue me. That silly super large delegate map on CNN is a wee bit annoying.
10. I love bento boxes. Every day I get a little thrill when I fix my son's lunch.

What random awesomeness has filled your days these day?


  1. I miss Oprah too. My mom and I were just talking about it today. No one did a show like her. I loved that there was learning, makeovers, celebrities, and crying all In one show. My day feels so incomplete this year!!! I need a good cry with Oprah every week :).

    Yay for winning more fabric!! Can't wait to see it :)

  2. Career Change? You can be a gambler.
    Sad we missed our walk :( There's always next week!

  3. You have a creative mind and can be very crafty so I know you will work it out..... so lucky winning blog giveaways, have you bought your lottery ticket? This is a fabulous time to follow politics, never a dull moment........