Wow~ this week has flown by. I would like to say that I have documented and took snazzy pictures to share with you guys but...that is just not the case. I have had a wonderful four day weekend spent with lots of family time. I got my share of cuddles. I watched silly movies including Hall Pass (which was so silly and a complete time waster). I spent a bunch of time with my sister and my honorary sister. We ate delicious food including a yummy spot, Surfside in DC. We visited the MLK Memorial which was AMAZING. Introduced my son to some mounted police officers since he LOVES animals. I got some quality sewing time in. Really the list goes on and on. Tomorrow is back to reality and I am not really ready but all of the prep work (lunches done, bags packed, clothes laid out) is done so hopefully I won't go into shock.
How was your holiday weekend? What do you hope to accomplish this week?

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  1. Looks like you had a full week and loads of fun! I saw Denzel's movie Safehouse, wow so much action, would definitely recommend it. He never disappoints!!!